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About Will Weidman

Will Weidman

I started Weidman Consulting in the summer of 2002 with the desire to help my clients build and maintain better Web sites.  I had just quit my job at a Web development startup company, and prior to that I spent 14 years at Xerox in a variety of engineering and engineering management positions.

I saw the opportunity to find and improve the value delivered by business Web sites.  Search marketing – both SEO and paid search advertising – became my lead offerings. Being an engineer, I was attracted to the data capabilities offered by Web analytics tools; the best way to measure the results of search marketing campaigns was to track clicks all the way to the point of conversion.

I maintain a small portfolio of clients so that I can devote a significant amount of time to each. My approach to digital marketing is very data-driven; traceability to measurable business results is key.  My main challenges are to keep learning and not get over-committed, so that the quality of my work stays consistent and I continue to offer significant value to my clients.