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Web Analytics

Web Analytics is the collection and analysis of Web site data in order to understand user behavior, identify issues & opportunities, and develop recommendations for improved Web site results.

The Web is the most measurable marketing medium available, and Web Analytics is fundamental to all Internet marketing activities. Web sites generate data for every click, and over time that becomes a huge amount of data. Web Analytics tools allow us to collect and process that data, giving us the ability to visualize and quantify user actions.

Reporting vs. Analytics

There is a big difference between reporting and analytics, though the former is often misrepresented as the latter. Tools like Google Analytics can generate nice reports: trend graphs and extensive lists of top pages, search keywords, and more. But reports on their own are not actionable. Seeing a jump in visits or drop in traffic from Google can be the starting point for an investigation, but assumptions about the causes of those changes – without digging in to really understand them – can lead to incorrect conclusions.

Analytics involves the analysis of that data in order to gain actionable insights. A crucial element of the Web analytics process is data segmentation. One of the reasons that “overview reports” and “summaries” lack actionable information is that they include the entire visitor population: dabblers, serious buyers, information-gatherers, return customers, etc. If one segment of visitors is responsible for 80% of your revenue but are only 10% of the population, then reports that include “everyone” are not giving you information to help better serve your most profitable segment. Drilling down, segmenting, and taking time to understand the data is required in order to develop a sound action plan.

Our Web Analytics Services

Weidman Consulting has been providing Web analytics consulting services since 2002. Our Web Analytics projects include:
  • Customized monthly reporting and analysis
  • Integration of data from multiple sources such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google AdWords, Bing Webmaster Tools, Bing Ads, and Moz Pro Analytics
  • Data segmentation analysis, conversion analytics, and other custom analyses
  • Web Analytics training