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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of planning and implementing campaigns that make Web site pages more relevant in the eyes of search engines, for a select set of target keywords or topics.

There are over one hundred factors that Google uses to rank every eligible page for a given search query, but much of the ranking weight is based on page content and links that point from one page or site to another.

Content and Content Quality

It is essential to have a content plan that supports your SEO strategy.  A single instance of a target keyword phrase on a page is insufficient; an entire page about the target phrase is better; a series of interlinked pages about a keyword theme is better yet.  Also, search engine algorithms are now using metrics based on the quality of content to rank pages.

Links Drive Rankings

Links that point from page to page within your site and from other sites into your site (inbound links) are critical to organic rankings success.  Inbound links in particular are treated in a popularity vote fashion, where more links (and links from important sites) earn your site ranking value.  Increasingly, the visibility of a Web site’s brand on the Internet also influences rankings success.

Our SEO Consulting Services

Weidman Consulting has been providing SEO consulting services since 2002.  Our Search Engine Optimization campaigns include:

  • A technical analysis of the site to identify issues with URL structure, search engine crawler navigation, duplicate content, and other common SEO issues
  • Keyword research
  • An audit to compare the target keywords to the site’s current or planned content
  • Content strategy (modified existing content and/or new content)
  • An Internal Link evaluation to identify opportunities for better linking among the site’s pages
  • An External Link audit to identify opportunities for new links from other Web sites (an important ranking factor)
  • SEO changes recommendations
  • Monthly monitoring
  • Monthly reporting, analysis, and updates