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Weidman Consulting is an Internet Marketing & Strategy consulting firm. We're located in the Rochester, NY area. Our expertise is in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Web Analytics, and Internet Marketing Strategy Development. Our end goal is to make your current or new Web site more profitable for you.

No Tricks Required

frisbee trick - no tricks needed for good search engine results

Great search engine results are not about tricks like stuffing META tags full of keywords or submitting your site day after day after day. It's really not about filling your site with invisible text.

Search Engine Marketing success comes from good strategy, planning, and well written Web site content.

Leave the tricks behind.

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On the Importance of Conversion


Acquiring new traffic using search engine marketing, banner ads, affiliate programs, or e-mail campaigns can help improve the results you see from your site. But do you know what percentage of the visitors you're bringing in actually convert (take the key actions you want them to)? If you don't know, figure out your conversion rate before spending any more money on traffic.

Learn how to measure your site's conversion rate.

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